Apophis Soth
Concept art for Apophis Soth Copyrighted to Kirb Brimstone
Name Apophis Soth
Aliases Unknown
Base of Operation Ezran
Occupation High Priest, Sorcerer, Royal Council
Title High Priest
Age 49
Eye color Red
Hair color Black
Height 6'2
Weight 109
Race Vipent
Gender Male
Birthplace Basilisk City
Date of Birth Unknown
National Allegiance Vipent Ezranian
Other Info
Weapon/Tool The Dragon amulet and the Eye of the Dragon Staff
Weakness His pride which works as blinder for him and his dependency on the vision inducing drugs. He is also invested completely in a magical source that has its own limitations.


Apophis Soth is the High Priest and faithful servant of The Dragon. Vipents were once a cave dwelling race who lived between the Dark woods and Obadon Mountains. They worshiped dark magic and engaged in evil rituals until the day when the Dragon descended on to Ezran. The Vipents worshiped and allied them self with the dark entity and were rewarded with political and magical power. They now run the Temple of the Dragon and sit as religious figures in Ezran's Social structure. Apophis is the head priest and runs the temple. He has the ear of the King and uses it to impose the Dragons evil will. Although Apophis has never seen the Dragon, the dragon speaks to Apophis through drug induced visions. Because tradition dictates that the Dragon favors the cunning and strong, Apophis has to lie, cheat and out charm fellow Vipent priests to ascend to and maintain the position of High Priest.


Cunning, deceptive, and highly trained in Dragon's Breath Magic


The source of his power comes from the Dragon. He has a range of abilities most involve illusion and mind control. He has the ability to poison someone with just an utterance of an incantation.