Dabar the Good Shepherd
Name Dabar
Aliases The Good Shepherd, One true King of Ezran, The First, The Lion Lord of Light,
Base of Operation The entire Kolcosmeon
Occupation Shepherd, King, Master, Teacher, Savior
Title The King of the Kings, Son of the Most High Emperor,
Relatives The Most High
Age Eternal
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Height 5'9
Weight 180
Race Unknown
Gender Male
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
National Allegiance Unknown
Other Info


Dabar the Good Shepherd and the Son of the Most High Emperor and one True King of Ezran. He has been watching over Ezran as long as the people can remember. The trees seem to have a reverence around him, the seas lay still at his command, and animals sing his praise, the mountains part in his path, the fields rejoice in his presence and the Dragon cowers and flees from his gaze. Dabar formed Ezran and all of Agron like a potter spinning clay, the titans and the starts serve him, and he rules many parallel worlds. There is a lot of confusion and mystery surrounding Dabar, some say he is a great wizard, others say he is a prophet, or spirit of some kind but those who truly know him call him master. Long ago when Albelial was banished from the sky and fell to Ezran terrorizing the land, people turned to the Shepherd for help and in his kindness the Shepherd banished the dragon beyond the Towering wall.  Years later some of the Ezranian people turned to the Dragon for power and knowledge and Ezran fell under his control. During that time a Muswark prophet scribed a book of prophecy called the Logram, One of its passages, a prophecy said, "A chosen king shall come, he will bear the sublime armor with honesty around his waist, virtue on his chest, readiness on his feet, trust in Dabar as his shield  and the shepherd’s  word as his sword. Born not of this land a boy made king shall bend his knee to the Shepherd and the Shepherd shall claim his prize." For generations that prophecy has been a hope to the oppressed people of Ezran as they eagerly wait for its fulfillment.