Map of Ezran City

Ezran City is the capital of Ezran. It is the Hub of economy and politics. Predominantly Barsian.

City Sections and Districts Edit

  • Southern Vista- Home to the wealthiest citizens of Ezran City.  
  • Millpond Villa – Split into two parts “Upper Millpond” is the residential area to Ezran Cities socialite and “Lower Millpond” is the central business district and the location of the Municipal buildings where the Council meets.
  • Ruthor District- One of the poorer districts has the highest concentration of  non-elite races.
  • Dawnor District – Has the highest population of working class Barsians.
  • Elizabor District – A predominantly Middle class Barsian district.
  • Northbay -  A quiet fisher community.
  • Gatewood – Is a shifty town just outside of Ezran City; pirate, thieves and most of Ezran Citiy’s underbelly dwells

here. Predominately Barsian Outcasts, Expatriated Aziza and Muswark.   Southern Vista - The wealthiest

Major Landmarks Edit

  • Corinth Castle: The King's Palace and the seat of Monarchical power.
  • Corinth Tower