Sammoyle Shamus
Name Sammoyle Shamus
Aliases Unknown
Base of Operation Ezran (Ezran city and town of Micham)
Occupation Vagabond, Pirate, Thief, Mercenary
Title Unknown
Age 29
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Reddish Orange
Height 4'6
Weight 71 lbs
Race Muswark
Gender Male
Birthplace Muskton Harbor
Date of Birth Unknown
National Allegiance Ezranian
Other Info
Weakness His small size can be a disadvantage


Sammoyle is of the once noble race of Muswarks. Now thieves and pirates, Muswarks are known for their ruthlessness. Sammoyle himself was once a pirate who left his ways when the Shepherd came to him and told him that the king elect was coming soon and the he would be his guardian. His fellow people laughed at him and thought he was a fool for leaving the very lucrative life he once had but Sammoyle was determined to follow his destiny. He left the city for the small town south of the Fay woods called Micham and worked as farm hand for one of the locals. Sammoyle has a great loyalty to Jude and protects him with all his life. Don't let his size fool you this guy not only fights dirty but he does it well.